Welcome to Cloud IT

We’re a managed IT solutions provider specializing in providing IT services to various small to medium sized enterprises (SME). Our solutions and services are tailored to your requirements and will enable you to focus on running and managing your business, and not just your IT.

IT Support

Most businesses think IT as cost towards the business, espcially when it comes to IT support. Most IT Support companies also think similarly although don't admit it. However, IT should actually be considered an investment.

Hosted Services

IT industry has seen many revolutionary technologies. The computer itself in the early 70s, the ever-shrinking circuit boards, graphical user interface (Remember Windows 95), and the most important one..

IT Solutions

Cloud IT has extensive knowledge and experience in designing IT based business processes, providing outsourced services and supplying customised and sustainable IT solutions for the small and medium sized organisations.

Going Green

Cloud IT has Cloud Services at the core of its agenda and business model. Being environment friendly is one of the key benefits and reasons for that. We pity those, and trust us there are people out there today, who believe climate...